Helping Veterinarians grow, control and enjoy practice ownership.

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Whatever phase your practice is in, Practice Coach has a program for you.

“Before Practice Coach, I was struggling to survive. Now I enjoy practice, I spend my time being a doctor and the team runs the business on the day-to-day basis. I have gone from putting out fires and barely keeping up, to now having the time to be a Visionary, to guide the practice and to plot our future, and I even have time to play, to do things outside of work-work-work.”

– Dr. Kristin Woestehoff, DVM

What Other Clients Are Saying

“We quickly saw an 11% growth in revenue, and our costs are down so we have more profit!”

– Dr. Cindy Hosington, DVM


“With Practice Coach, we’ve dramatically increased growth, profitability and efficiency . . now, owning the business is a lot more fun!”

– Dr. Peter Jackson, DVM
“Practice Coach helped me train and empower my staff to manage many things that I had always handled, and I can now concentrate on being the veterinarian.”

– Dr. Holly Kossuth, DVM